Treating Lip Injuries At Home

Treating Lip Injuries At Home

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If you ever have an accident that results in a injured lip, here are some things you can do to treat it.

You can clean the injury with some soap and water. You can use a soft cloth to carefully apply the soapy water and to clear it away when your done.

Other treatments mentioned here depend on the nature of the injury. If it is swelling or bruising, you can place a cold compress on it. Crushed ice wrapped in a cloth is often a good choice for the task.

If bleeding occurs, you should apply pressure to the area for about five minutes. Ice can also help ease the bleeding.

If you have cuts that go more inside the mouth, then you can try to rinse things out with some salt water. You can also mix some water with hydrogen peroxide to rinse the area out, but remember not to swallow the peroxide. Peroxide foams naturally, so do not worry if it starts foaming in the mouth, just avoid allowing it to go down your throat.

As the injury heals, do not stretch out your lips or cause undue stress to them. Foods that are sugary, hot, or acidic can irritate the wound, so hold off on them for a while. You can also look for mouthwashes that are made to treat mouth injuries for some extra assistance.

If any of these symptoms are overly severe, including cuts that cross over your lips and your skin, it would be best to visit the dentist. Dr. Eric Goldberg will do what he can to help you.

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