Root Canal Myth Busters

Root Canal Myth Busters

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If you aren’t familiar with how a root canal procedure is performed, it’s easy to be anxious about it. There are many common misconceptions about endodontic treatment. These myth busters can help set you at ease:

Myth: Root Canals are painful.

Busted: On the contrary, root canals are designed to permanently remove pain caused by the diseased tissues of the tooth. Decades ago, root canals were likely much more painful, but with the anesthetics and technology of the 21st century, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, a root canal is about as uncomfortable as a dental filling.

Myth: It’s better to have an extraction than a root canal.

Busted: If saving your natural teeth is ever possible, that is always the best option. Not only that, but endodontics has a high success rate; most root canals last a lifetime. Extractions, on the other hand, mean that tooth replacements are needed, which can mean quite a bit more time in the office and may even result in other needed procedures to nearby teeth.

Myth: Root Canals create illness.

Busted: You may have heard rumors that those who have root canals are more likely to contract diseases. This was based on badly designed research which was debunked long ago. There is no evidence connecting root canals to other illnesses.

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