How to Sooth Your Teething Baby

How to Sooth Your Teething Baby

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Today our team is going to give you some simple remedies you can do to help your teething baby grow their first teeth.

A popular way you can sooth your baby is by rubbing their gums with a clean finger. This is a great way to sooth some of the pain and discomfort you child may feel while their teeth grow in. The pressure your finger gives helps provide relief, almost as if giving a little massage.

If your child is fussy, providing acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help relieve pain or discomfort they are feeling. Try and avoid teething medications that contain the pain reliever, benzocaine. This product has been linked to conditions that limit the amount of oxygen in the blood. But medications like Tylenol, Children’s Motrin, or Advil are generally safe to use.

If nothing seems to work, consider trying a cool washcloth or chilled teething ring. Both of these, once placed on your infants gums, can be soothing for their gums. It’s important to remember that frozen teething rings or objects can be harmful to your baby because of the extreme cold.

After your child receives their first tooth, it’s important to have them go in to visit the dentist for an examination and cleaning. To schedule your appointment, give our office a call today at 610-363-6181.