We are pleased to provide root canal treatment that can save your tooth from dental infection and extraction.

Dr. Eric Goldberg recommends coming into our office as soon as possible if you have a severe toothache, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, darkening of the tooth, swelling in the nearby areas, and a recurring pimple on the gums. If you do not treat this problem right away, swelling can spread to other areas of your body; you could lose bone along the tip of the root; and drainage problems can occur, which can create holes along the surfaces of the tooth.

The treatment first involves your dentist drilling a hole into the tooth and removing the decayed nerve tissue and related debris. Once the harmful substances are removed, he will deeply clean the tooth and rinse it out with water or sodium hypochlorite. Next, your tooth will be sealed with a composite filling. Root canal medications will be placed inside the tooth and the composite material will fill the tooth layer by layer.

If you are suffering from the mentioned symptoms and believe you have an infected root canal in Exton, Pennsylvania, please call the dental practice of Eric Goldberg, DDS now and set up an appointment. We look forward to helping you!