We offer custom-made mouth guards that can help you in many ways.

Dr. Eric Goldberg invites you to come into our practice if you have problems grinding your teeth or if you participate in contact sports. If you grind your teeth, we are happy to help you protect your teeth with a dental mouth guard. This mouth guard will cover either your top teeth, bottom teeth, or both and it will keep the teeth from touching. This will stabilize the strength of your teeth and will not wear them down to the point of fracture.

If you participate in contact sports, we suggest using a mouth guard whenever you are on the court, field, ring, or mat. If you involve yourself in wrestling, baseball, basketball, boxing, rugby, hockey, gymnastics, football, and any other contact sport, this is a great product for you. This will protect your teeth from injury and trauma, and it will ultimately save you time and money spent at the dental practice of Eric Goldberg, DDS.

To learn more about our mouth guards in Exton, Pennsylvania, and the way they can benefit you, please call now and set up an appointment. We care about you and your oral health, and we are so excited to work with you!